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Data Processing

GEO Resources – Introducing Data Processing Services, In Partnership With GEOTOMO


GRCI’s imaging center is located in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman (Head Office).

GRCI’s dedicated Data Imaging Center builds upon years of combined imaging experience. Together with our partner, we offer high-end geophysical software products that provides advanced data processing services that help geophysicists around the world to image the near-surface and subsurface in areas with rough topography and complex near-surface, and complex subsurface.

To address these complexities, our products include TomoPlus; near-surface imaging & statics solutions, GeoThrust; seismic data processing system, VECON; VSP and surface seismic modeling and survey design, MiVuTM; microseismic processing system.

Our software effectively manages the latest field recording acquisition techniques within the data processing workflow, to apply specific de-blending techniques.

Our Ethos Is Based Around Four Core Principals

Safety, Expertise, Accuracy & New Technology

Geo Resources has grown rapidly to become a global leader in exploration services to the oil and gas industry, developing proprietary on-line geophysical training platforms for our clients, along with remote QC software which is capable of analysing the technical integrity of all seismic instrumentation and sources.

Use of the latest technologies, techniques and software ensures optimal accuracy and reliability providing solutions for challenging projects, however remote, anywhere in the world. We believe that in our industry high operational standards are essential, not only for the longevity and reputation of our business, but for the environments in which we work and for the consistent delivery of cost-efficient services.

Delivering the best possible outcome to our clients is paramount, whatever the problems faced. We also attach special importance to direct cooperation and effective communication with each client in order to ensure the clearest
understanding of every stage of the service provided.

Software Products
  • TomoPlus – Near Surface Solutions
  • GeoThrust & ETHOS – Seismic Processing System
  • VECON – Survey Modeling and Design
  • MiVu – Micro Seismic Solutions
  • TomoXPro – Crosswell Processing System
  • VECON – Survey Modeling and Design
  • GeoVS – VSP Processing System
  • TIPS – Integration Petrophysics and Seismic
For further information on any of our Data Processing services, or to speak to a member of our expert team,
call or email GEO Resources today.
Data Processing Services
  • TomoPlus – Near Surface Solutions
  • GeoThrust & ETHOS – Seismic Processing System
  • VECON – Survey Modeling and Design

Near-Surface Imaging and Statics Solutions

  • Advanced Inversion Based Picking Technologies
  • Interactive Processing & QC Workflows
  • Conventional and Advanced Imaging Solutions
  • Delay-Time Solutions
    • Generalized Linear Inversion (GLI3D)
    • First-Arrival Traveltime Tomography
    • Early-Arrival Full Waveform Tomography (FWI)
    • Joint Gravity & Seismic Tomography
    • Joint Traveltime & Waveform Inversion
    • Joint EM & Seismic Inversion
    • Joint FWI & Gravity Inversion
  • High Resolution Near-Surface Velocity Models
  • Comprehensive Statics Calculations
  • SeisSpace Plug-in Available

2D & 3D Seismic Data Processing System

  • Tomography & image-based near-surface statics
  • NMO and Migration from topography
  • Advanced signal processing and noise attenuation
  • Anisotropic Time and Depth Imaging
  • Crooked-line processing

Seismic Time and Depth Imaging System

  • Marine Data Processing
    • Towed Streamer
    • Transition Zone
    • Ocean Bottom Node
  • Land Data Processing
  • Designed for Large Data
  • GPU Enabled for Improved Performance
  • Simultaneous Source Deblending
  • Advance Noise Attenuation
  • Robust Velocity Building and Updating Tools
  • Broad Band Processing Workflows
  • Data Regularization and Interpolation Techniques
  • Offset Vector Tiles (OVT) Processing
  • Anisotropic Pre-Stack Time Migration
  • Anisotropic Pre-Stack Depth Migration

2D & 3D Survey Design and Modelling

  • Designed for VSP and surface seismic geometries
  • Easy creation of 2D and 3D velocity models
  • 2D / 3D elastic finite difference wavefield simulation
  • Raytracing for direct, reflections, and conversions
  • Isotropic and Anisotropic Raytracing
  • Windows and Linux version
  • Improved performance with parallel computing
  • 64 bit architecture for large file handling

Now includes VISUS
Full integrated 3D visualization and interpretation tools

  • Crosshole survey design for complex geology
  • Synthetic and wavefield simulation
  • Raytracing for direct, reflections, and conversions
  • Nonlinear tomographic imaging
  • Wavefield data processing
  • Pre-stack migration
  • 4D time lapse processing

Crosshole Seismic Solution

  • Downhole and Surface Arrays
  • Pre-survey Modeling & Design
  • Data Processing & Enhancement
  • Event Imaging and Location
    • Interferometric Migration
    • Traveltime Inversion Grid Search
    • Cross Double Difference
    • Stacking Scan
  • Interactive Quality Control
  • Source & Focal Mechanism
  • 2D & 3D Visualisation

Microseismic Processing System

  • First Break Picker
    • Automatic Pickers
    • Semi-Automatic Pickers
    • Manual Pickers
  • Velocity Model Building & Updating
    • Well log Initial Model
    • Tomography Update
    • VDCube (Velocity Layer Scan)
  • Interactive Signal Processing
  • Prestack Depth Migration Techniques
    • Kirchhoff
    • Wave Equation
  • Interferometry Imaging

2D / 3D VSP Data Processing & Imaging Solution

  • Log editing
  • Curve generation
  • Well ties
  • AVO fluid-sub gathers
  • Crossplots
  • Seismic attributes
  • Band limited rock property curves
  • Wedge models
  • Thin bed modeling
  • Fizz gas discrimination

Toolkit for Integrating Petrophysics with Seismic


Experienced in Seismic Processing

  • For the past 21 years, GeoTomo has been…..
    • developing land seismic processing technology
    • processing land, shallow water and transitional zone data
  • Focused on imaging the near-surface and subsurface with rough topography, complex near-surface and subsurface issues.
  • Over last 8 years, GeoTomo has become more active in US Shale onshore processing applying 20 years of lessons learned.
  • Accurate near-surface statics and velocity modeling are key aspects to improving both time and depth subsurface imaging

Algeria, Ivory Coast, Congo, Nigeria, Suriname, Gabon, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia Myanmar, India, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, USA… to name a few.


Surface Seismic / Borehole Seismic
Specialised processing for areas with near-surface and structural complexities

  • Anisotropic Time and Depth Imaging
  • High Resolution Near-surface Velocity Models
  • Time-Lapse FWI Processing
  • Microseismic Processing
  • VSP Processing & Survey Design
  • Crosswell Tomography and Imaging
  • Petrophysics to Seismic Integration
  • Seisnetics AI Driven Reservoir Characterisation
For further information on any of our Data Processing services, or to speak to a member of our expert team,
call or email GEO Resources today.


Anisotropic Time Imaging (PSTM)

  • First Arrival Traveltime Tomography & FWI near-surface statics
  • Migration velocity, gradient, and anisotropic parameters scan along horizons
  • Target –oriented multiple attenuation
  • High-amplitude, random, coherent noise attenuation
  • Kirchhoff / Wave Equation Migration from Topography
  • Crooked-line Imaging

Anisotropic Depth Imaging (PSDM)

  • First Arrival Tomography / FWI Near-surface Model
  • Reflection / Fast Beam Tomography Subsurface Model
  • Tomo-holistic Depth Image Model
  • Kirchhoff / Wave Equation / RTM / Gaussian
  • Beam Migration

High Resolution Near-surface Velocity Models

  • Nonlinear First Arrival Traveltime Tomography
  • Full Waveform Inversion – FWI
  • Joint Traveltime & FWI
  • Joint Traveltime & Gravity
  • Joint Traveltime & EM


  • Near-surface statics
  • Depth imaging model
  • Shallow drilling hazards
  • Steam Flood Monitoring
  • CCS Monitoring


  • Downhole and Surface Array Geometries
  • Geophone or DAS acquired data
  • Pre-survey Modelling & Design
  • Data Processing & Enhancement
  • Event Imaging and Location
  • Source Focal Mechanism


  • Better understanding of hydraulic frac performance
  • Monitoring Wastewater Disposal Containment
  • Gas Storage Cap Rock Integrity
  • Pre-survey Design and Modeling
  • Finite Difference Wavefield Simulation
  • VSP Traveltime Tomography Model Updating
  • VSP Pre-stack Depth Imaging
  • Kirchhoff /Wave Equation
  • Synthetic Seismograms
  • Geophone or DAS acquired data
  • 2D & 3D Survey Geometry


  • Well Log to Seismic Tie (time-depth analysis)
  • High Resolution Structural Imaging
  • Time-lapse Reservoir Monitoring
  • Double Difference Nonlinear Traveltime Tomography
  • Double Difference Full Waveform Inversion (FWI)
  • Geophone and DAS Array Data
  • Surface Seismic or Borehole Geometry Data


  • Steam Flood Monitoring
  • CO2 Storage Monitoring
  • Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring
  • Reservoir Monitoring
  • Survey Design and Modeling
  • First Arrival Traveltime Tomography Imaging
  • Kirchhoff Pre-stack Depth Migration
  • 4D Time-Lapse Monitor


  • Structural & Stratigraphy Imaging
  • Steam Flood Monitoring
  • CO2 Storage Monitoring
  • Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring


Integration of Petrophysics with Seismic

  • Well Log Editing and Modeling
  • AVO Reflectivity Inversion
  • Borehole Calibration Crossplot
  • Reflectivity Attributes
  • AVO Modeling
  • Multiple Modeling and Identification


Integration of Petrophysics with Seismic

  • Extracted surfaces throughout entire seismic volume quickly with no parametrisation
  • Clearly defined structural and stratigraphic termination and facies maps
  • Analysis of waveforms based on geology (rock or fluid content)
  • Map fluvial changes from one environment to another