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GEO Resources – providing Complete mineral exploration solutions

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GEO Resources has been providing reliable, high-quality specialist services in the fields of geological mapping and mineral exploration since the company was established, including all aspects of surface mining and mine planning studies.

Our services cover scoping and mining feasibility studies, as well as economic evaluation, detailed mine design and production scheduling.  GEO Resources also provide operational assistance, mine planning reviews and improvements, together with the development of optimal mining strategies.

  • Feasibilty studies
  • Economic evaluation
  • Mine design
  • Project scheduling
  • Planning reviews
  • Mine improvements
  • Operational assistance
  • Strategy optimisation

Mapping and Mineral Exploration

Geotechnical surveys by GEO Resources
Choose our expert team for your Geology or mining project

Before redeveloping a site, a geotechnical survey is undertaken. GEO Resources specialist geotechnical engineers and geologists collect information on a range of influencing factors.

Data obtained from the geotechnical survey is used by GEO Resources to generate a ground model. This data is used to provide expert, cost-effective recommendations.

The survey process blends office-based research and in-depth investigations, balanced to suit the individual client’s project.

Following the survey, we will deliver, as required – geotechnical reports and contamination assessment reports. These will include recommendations and designs for appropriate project elements.


Geology – soil & water health – mapping – boreholes


Laboratory testing – groundwater – gas exploration – minerals


Reports – recommendations – design – construction

ore deposit modelling and testing

GEO Resources create geological deposit models, which can be used to help with resource estimation and mine planning. Our geological interpretation, through advanced modelling techniques, considers geological uncertainty to deliver a quality outcome.

GEO Resources provide professional commercial use assessments of rock and minerals via laboratory tests. We can provide a series of testing services to match mining/infrastructural project requirements.

Computer-based 3D ore body models help clients understand each deposit’s 3D geometry. GEO Resources can provide:

  • Geological interpretations
  • Resource estimates and categorisation
  • Upgrading resources categories
  • 3D modelling of geological features & ore bodies
  • Database creation per international standards

Databases are created through a combination of surface and drilling data, creation of cross and longitudinal sections, 3D models, geo-statistical analyses, and international standard compliant reporting.

GEO Resources has extensive resource estimation, ore body modelling and operational mining experience.

Our general procedures will typically include:

• An assessment of the quantity and quality of the exploration and geological data, database management and verification
• The creation of 2D and/or 3D geological models to visualise the size and shape of ore deposits.
• Classification and reporting according to internationally accepted standards

Chemical laboratory tests are useful in determining the grade of different ores. We provide representative sampling and chemical analysis services for various mineral deposits. These include:

  • Chromite (Cr2O3FeO)
  • Gypsum (CaSO4.2H2SO4)
  • Limestone (CaCO3) etc.

GEO Resources has particular expertise in ascertaining the industrial use of limestone in Oman, and has conducted a number of studies for MCI and the private sector in this regard.

  • Density
  • Sieve analysis
  • Chloride content
  • Water absorption
  • Sulphate soundness
  • Los Angeles abrasion test
  • Material Finer than 75µm
  • Petrography
  • Flakiness index
  • Sulphate content
  • Elongation index
  • Polish Stone Value
  • Ten per cent fines value
  • Aggregate impact/crushing value
  • Bulk density
  • Water absorption
  • Flexural strength
  • Compressive strength
  • Resistance to salt attack
  • Dimensional stability test
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Stain resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Modulus of rupture
  • Freeze–thaw resistance
  • Resistance to acid attack
  • Flexural modulus of elasticity
  • Strength of individual stone anchorages

Resistivity Imaging (Tomography)

Resistivity geophysical surveys measure variations in the electrical resistivity of the ground, by applying small electric currents across arrays of ground electrodes. This technology can be used by GEO Resources to obtain images of relatively static subsurface site conditions.

The survey data is processed to produce electrical resistivity tomographs using inversion algorithms. The resistivity sections are correlated with ground interfaces such as soil and fill layers or soil-bedrock interfaces, to provide engineers with detailed information on subsurface ground conditions.

Tomography imaging by GEO Resources

Resistivity imaging, also known as electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) is a particularly useful survey method in clayey ground, where techniques such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) are less effective. The method can also help to identify transitional boundaries in subsurface layers that can be difficult to detect using other geophysical methods and is a useful tool for locating deep seated sinkholes, mine workings and detection of metallic ore bodies.

Resistivity soundings, profiles and ERT are also used to assess the geometry of aquifers and their likely water quality. These tools are particularly useful in
locating water supplies.

TOMOGRAPHY by GEO RESOURCES – Detecting the parts other geophysical methods cannot reach

  • Rapid collection of data
  • Ascertains likely water quality of aquifers
  • Locates metallic ore sources, disused mines and sinkholes
  • Advanced method of exploration – 2D and 3D surveys available

Expertise, accuracy, safety.

What the GEO Resources planning process offers each and every one our clients –

Key on-site HSE policy implementation for clients and contractors. GEO Resources employees are supported in following safe work practices by a professional team of HSE advisors, with wide experience and qualifications including HSE studies and NEBOSH certificates.

An extensive range of seismic project services from seismic acquisition planning, design and supervision, processing, quality control and integrated field development plan.

An experienced team of specialists for every project, delivering expertise from initial project outline to completion.

Cost-efficient operations without compromise on quality, delivering 100% client satisfaction – every time.

Thorough, accurate assessments of all project parameters in the field, prior to commencement of processing.

Expert implementation of quality management systems, with full commitment to mitigating errors.

Ensuring that the client’s priorities are met throughout the project timeline, through ongoing resolution of all exploration and development objectives.

Daily, continuous monitoring throughout the seismic acquisition process, optimising quality control and ensuring budgetary discipline.

For further information on any of our geology & mining services, or to speak to a member of our expert team,
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Our HSE Commitments

GEO Resources have an ongoing commitment to carrying out environmentally harmless operations. We believe that a healthy environment is essential for the proper functioning of society, our employees, our business activity. It also constitutes the core of a sustainable and strong economy. Our methodology enables GEO Resources to carry out seismic projects in a friendly and harmless way for the environment in various conditions, often in environmentally sensitive areas, always in full compliance with legal regulations and environmental restrictions.

Achieving our environmental goals
Initial planning
Detailed identification of environmental aspects and appropriate planning
Local dialogue
Close co-operation with local communities throughout projects
Staff training
Broadening employees’ regional environmental knowledge and awareness
Technological solutions
Use of biodegradable oil, wireless seismic equipment etc. where practicable
Environmental monitoring
Waste and journey management - 'no footprint left' operations
Responsible business
Wherever possible, we aim to connect ecological and pro-environmental activities