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About Geo Resources Consultancy

Founded in 1999, GEO Resources is a leading international Earth sciences and environmental consultancy firm. Our ethos is based around three core principles – expertise, accuracy and safety.

GEO Resources culture – built on responsibility, professionalism and mutual trust – results in the commitment of all our employees to meeting our clients’ expectations.

With our wealth of industry experts, across a range of specialised fields, GEO Resources always ensure our clients receive the very highest standard of insight throughout every project we undertake.

Use of the latest technologies and software ensures optimal accuracy and reliability of all data gathered during every preliminary investigation we conduct, as well as throughout all testing procedures.

We believe that in our industry, high operational standards are essential. Not only for the longevity and reputation of our business, but for the environments in which we work and for the consistent delivery of cost-efficient services – always giving the best possible outcome to our clients.

We attach special importance to direct cooperation and effective communication with each client in order to ensure the clearest understanding on every stage of the service.

GEO Resources gathers client feedback and learns the lessons from previous projects to optimise our exceptional service quality.

GEO Resources puts strong emphasis on training and qualification of employees and the quality of the applied equipment and software, as evidenced by our comprehensive, ongoing investment in training.

WHY CHOOSE Geo Resources Consultancy

Our expert team handles acquisition planning, project design, specialised processing and supervision throughout every project.

GEO Resources commitment to always using the latest technology ensures efficient, accurate data gathering during every investigation.

Staff health & safety, along with commitment to environmentally harmless operations, are always are at the forefront of every project.

Adhering to our core principles  ensures cost-effective, ethically sound and safe operations on every job we sign off.

Mission Zero

Prevention of injuries and occupational diseases is the highest priority in the everyday work of GEO Resources. Our approach to safety at work is expressed in our goal: striving for zero incidents & occupational diseases.

Mission Zero is achieved with:

• Continuous hazard identification and risk assessment

• In-depth post incident and near miss investigation process and implementation of preventive measures

• Appropriate HSE planning, e.g. in the scope of employees HSE competencies, work procedures, transport and journey management, inspections and audits, emergency preparedness

• Conscious and uncompromising implementation of prepared HSE plans


At GEO Resources, we set specific goals to increase our pro-environmental activity in order to fulfil the declarations of our environmental policy. Great significance is attached to:

  • Environment-friendly technological solutions, such as use of biodegradable oil, possibility of usage of wireless seismic equipment etc.
  • Detailed identification of environmental aspects and adequate operational planning, including close cooperation with local communities and authorities
  • Broadening employees’ environmental knowledge and awareness through ongoing training and development programmes
  • Environmentally responsible procedure : appropriate waste management, optimal journey management ensuring ‘no foot print left’ operations and environmental monitoring

Ahmed Al-Ghafri

Chief executive Officer

Ahmed Al-Ghafri was educated in Iraq and the US, and can boast of a career of over 36 years spanning the public and private sectors. A Geologist and Marine Scientist Al-Ghafri worked in …



As GEO Resources’ General Manager and Principal Consultant, Henk has over 35 years experience in environmental monitoring (including air and marine)…

Alan Bembridge

Director GRCIUKL

41 years in the seismic business as a QC / HSE Consultant and with Seismograph Services Limited (SSL), Schlumberger Geco Prakla and its heritage companies primarily as a …

Our People

Across every aspect of each project undertaken by GEO Resources, we know that above all else, the right people are always assigned to the job.

From rigorous, ongoing HSE training, ensuring the highest safety standards are met at all times, to the expert data analysis that optimises efficiency throughout each operational phase, GEO Resources hand-picked team members bring years of international experience to every project.

The GEO Resources expert team utilise the latest technology, software and machinery to deliver efficiency, value-for-money and most importantly results for our clients.  A collective drive to always achieve the very best outcome, without compromise on safety and environmental obligations, makes GEO Resources an international leader in our field.

Geo Resources International
Geological Project

We have retained GRC’s Geologist (Ahmed Saeed Siddiqui) to carry out structural geology assessments to support pit slope design studies at our mines within Oman. Ahmed and his team have collaborated well with existing mine geology staff and contractors to achieve our aims. The team were able to develop accurate structural geology models in complex environments, that have allowed mine planning and geotechnical departments to progress.

Geo Resources International
Muscat Area
Environmental Project

GRC has brough an innovative and motivated remediation strategy together for our project. Data/reports were timely, accurate and complete. Follow up with us to ensure project success was exemplary.
GRC and the Environmental team were dedicated to the success of their contract with us and provided excellent dialogue to the stakeholders involved. We were very satisfied with the overall project. All team members were knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

Geo Resources International
Al Batinah
Water Project

GRC has operated the soil vapour extraction system for two years. The project had been shelved for a number of years prior to start-up. They brought the system back up to speed, ensuring conduit was correctly fitted and placed correctly in the soil for thorough ventilation. A thoroughly proactive team, making the project successful.

Geo Resources International
Oil Major, Onshore Oman
Geophysical Project

We engaged GRC International to provide us with a geophysical training platform for our graduates during 2020.

We were impressed with the benefit that the program brought to the graduates for our seismic project. Our graduate trainees felt motivated to learn on site. The program is very well structured and covers new technology. As we were using Nodes for the first time, the modules covered all the technical aspects as well as the practical applications in the field. HSSE was covered in every respect as part of the modules, by engaging the graduates to take responsibility and to participate fully in HSE to continually develop, implement and improve the HSE Management System.

Geo Resources International
Oil Major, Onshore Oman
Geophysical Project

We have contracted Geo Resources Consultancy for our seismic campaign during 2016. The consultants provided expertise, experience and were proactive with the contractor, providing them with guidance on ‘Best Practices’ in the field to ensure that the data was the best it could be. HSSE was always at the forefront of their thinking, setting a clear example to the contractor.

Geo Resources International
Suhar Area
Geological Project

GRC have completed multiple assignments for us over the past 10 years, assisting on structural geology reviews as part of exploration reviews, resource estimates and geotechnical studies. The work completed with competence, delivered to a high standard, on time and on budget with clear concise communication of results.

our history

Some of our key projects

EIA, Scoping document and preparation of other approvals and environmental impact control documentation for the Proposed MAF to Sohar Mixed Feedstock Oil Pipeline.

Client - ILF and Partners
Northern Ghassah Bay, Musandam – Baseline Marine Assessment and EIA to construct and Operate proposed Armour Stone Loading Jetty & Stockpile Area

Client - Al Rawasi Al Shamaliah Trading
Environmental Monitoring -Salam Resort and Spa, Yiti Oman Advanced Earthworks and Reclamation

Client - Nagarjuna Construction Company LLC
Provision of Consultancy Services for the Development of Duqum Beach Hotel – Environmental Consultancy

Client - OMRAN
Consultancy Services for Design and Construction Supervision of Mooring Facilities in Al-Hallaniyat Island- Supplementary EIA

Client - Ibn Khaldun Almadaen
Provision of Environmental Impact Assessment Study, Permitting and Monitoring Support for OOCEP's Block 42 Exploration Project

Client - Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production LLC
Completion of Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and EMP studies to meet the requirement from Ministry of Environment and Climatic Affairs (MECA)

Client - Bikar Engineering LLC
Environmental Management Plans for Four Concessions - Mahot Kaolin Concession 1, Mahot Kaolin Concession 2, Quriyat Dolomite Concession & Sur Laterite Concession

Client - Minerals Development Oman SAOC