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Remote Land Quality Control Services

Remote Land Quality Control Services

The GRCSeisQC™ program enables the remote quality control of 2D/3D Vibroseis acquisition data via internet from anywhere in the world. Our proprietary software provides detailed analysis of the acquisition system components and vibrator performance including similarity processing along with a detailed daily, weekly and monthly report to the client.

The daily report includes easy visualisation of graphs to clearly show out of spec channels, equipment and vibrators along with the recommended action to be taken to rectify issues.

Quality-Control Geological Resources
GRCSeisQC Workflow

SMRefract is also part of the suite and is a multi-featured QC tool which allows for viewing of refraction statics together with shot display and filter capability.

SMSim3 Vibrator Similarities Analysis program processes and analyses vibrator similarities.

Vibrator similarities compare the actual Vibroseis signal ground response with the Pilot or Reference sweep and are the definitive test of vibrator performance in all terrain types.

The GRCSeisQC™ system reduces the overall risk of personnel exposure in the field, whilst maintaining the highest possible data integrity from anywhere in the world.

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